Friday, November 19, 2010

"5 cm" #Part1

I'm reading a national best seller novel by Donny Dhirgantoro -'5 cm'- these days,, I've decided to talk about this novel this time..Well,, I haven't finished this novel yet so, I put "#Part1"in the title. If I like this book 'till the last page, I will post the next part, but I can't promise about that.. :P

I enjoy this novel so much, I love the way he describe things,, I love the way he put a lot of humor in there,, I love the characters too!!
There are 5 main characther in this novel,, GENTA, IAN, ZAFRAN, RIANI,and ARIAL. They have a very good relationship between each other. The story is getting more unpredictable when they decided to stop communicating for 3 months. Some things had happened in that period, like IAN success to pass the final session in the university. Honestly, I really like that part, when Donny put in some good values inside IAN's struggle to finish his thesis.
That was really motivate me...

I've already read it until page 178, it's about a half of the book. And, I've a lot of interesting and wonderful quotations, my favorite is...

"Woman was created from the ribs of man,,
not from his head to be above him,,
not from his feet to be walk upon him,,
but from his side to be equal,,
near to his arm to be protected,,
and close to his heart to be loved"

actually, there are many of this.. But, I can't mention it one by one. :)
I've read more than a half from this book,, and I'm recommend it for everyone, especially for INDONESIAN to buy this novel.
It's a must read!
You won't waste your time if you read this book...!

That's all for now~~
See you again.. :)

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