Friday, May 11, 2012

Sharon Raissa H.

wew.. I have no confidence at all to write in English.. I think my english has no improvement since I've got in Fasilkom UI.. So,, I will make a post in Indonesian this time~ tee hee~

OKe,, Haloo semuanya~
Post kali ini didedikasikan buat seseorang yang namanya sudah tertera di judul...


yey ~ *throwingConfetti

you can do nothing about this post,, girl~ :D

lanjutt !!

Siapa siih Sharon Raissa Herdiyana ini? Pasti pada ngga tau kan.. This is my first time mentioning her name in my blog,, for sure !

Sharon Raissa,, panggilan khusus :: Sha"
I have no photos with her.. so this is the best I can give~

From left to RIght :

Sharon, Daniel Januar, Yohana A., Odette, D A RW I N.

I will tell you guys who is Sharon really is??

~She's cute..! can't believe it? check this one out !!

~She loves to "ngisengin orang" <

~She has a boy-wanna-be-SYNDROME.. She even loves to say that she is HANDSOME !! can you imagine that? she is indeed a cute little girl~ c'mon~ :P :P

~Last but not least,, She is truly caring for other.. esp for her close friends I think~

**Sungguh amat bersyukur bisa ketemu Sha",, Yomon,, Nina,, Piqi,, dan masih banyak yang lain di @pacilkom.. ><

God sends them to make me feel more comfortable at this place (@pacilkom) ~

PS1 : I'll tell you about the other next time,, allright~ wait for me guys~
PS2 : In the end,, I still used a lot of my poor English,, I'm sorry for lots of ERRORs there~  :D

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