Thursday, May 17, 2012

Badai Tugas

I'm back~

with a very bad mood... why? have you heard "badai tugas" before?
This is what my seniors means when they talking about crazy life-style at Fasilkom UI..
My physic and mental is in it's worst state.

Okay, before you getting mad at me, because of my barrage of complaints..
I will tell you the details behind my stress~

this term I took 5 courses, and total 21 credits.
It means I have to study approximately 21x50minutes in a week..
But in facts, that courses really took more than it should !!

this week is a hectic week for #Kawung,, a lot of assignment with contigous deadline !!
this is the list ::

SDA worksheet 7  ~ 18 May
SDA tugas2 ~ 22 May
Alin worksheet 8 ~ 21 May
PSD tugas mandiri ~ 22 May
MPKT final project ~ 22 May
PSD final project ~ 7 June

I don't even know how to set the priority~ everything feel like number one in my head~ !
this is why we called it "BADAI TUGAS"..
So, if you're planning to get your bachelor degree at Fasilkom UI,, you must prepare for it !!

that's all for today~
bye all~

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